HOLO SC 130 Conveyor belt New Ply Separator

•HOLO SC130 conveyor belt ply seperator is used for separator between each plies of a conveyor belt.

•This cutting action is applied to prepare a fiver over finger splicing belt with 2 or 3 separations within one Conveyor  belt.

•It is also possible allow user to creat films from Conveyor belt for splicing process .


HOLO SC 130 Conveyor belt New Ply Separator – 130 New Ply Separator 

Product Description

•Split deepth up to 130mm .

•With only one handle allow precise splitting thickness up to 10mm .

•New Hard alloy steel knife,better performance on thin Pu belt .

•With scale, high precision separation and easy work, high efficiency.


HOLO SC 130 Conveyor belyt New Ply Separator – 130 New Ply Separator –

Features and Benefits

•Easy deepth adjustment

•Capable of splitting belts up to 10 mm thick.

•Better performance on hard PU Conveyor belt.

•Safe and Convenient.



HOLO SC 130 Conveyor belt New Ply Separator – 130 New Ply Separator 

Accessories and Options•Optional stand ,allowing to be portable within workshop

Ply 130  Tool specifications
Specifications SC 130
Minimum Maximum
Splitting Depth 400mm(1.5”) 130mm(5.1”)
Belt thickness above cut 0.35mm(0.014”) 8mm(0.3”)
Belt thickness below cut 0.35mm(0.014”) 5mm(0.2”)
Maximum belt thickness N/A 10mm(0.4”)
Tool dimensions 550*420*420mm


Tool Weigh 121lbs


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