TC Portable manual finger puncher



  • HOLO TC Conveyor belt  Manual Finger Puncher – Manual Finger Puncher –
  • HOLO TC series Conveyor belt manual finger Punching machine is designed to punch fingers on the end of lightweight thermoplastic conveyor belt as a preparation of making fingers or finger over finger before splicing .

    •No need electricity and air pressure for it’s operation .the punching forces is created by pulling the lever .

    •Easily done with one hand by a person . Because it is easy set-up and manual operation.

    •Ideal tool for working on location as well as on workshop

  • Product Description

    Light weight and portable design,no need electric,no need air pressure.

    •Both side open design, no width limited

    •Single finger splice & double fingers splice

    •Standard blade 15*75mm or 20*50mm

    •Maximum thickness is up to 5mm for light weight Conveyor belt

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  • HOLO TC Conveyor belt  Manual Finger Puncher – Manual Finger Puncher –

    Features and Benefits

    •Portable, manual and easy handling.

    •No electricity or pressure required.

    •Open ended for wider belts.

    •Single or Finger over finger punching.

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  • HOLO TC Conveyor belt Manual Finger Puncher – Manual Finger Puncher –

    Accessories and options

    •Standard blade is 15*75mm for single finger or 20*50mm for finger over finger .

    •10*80 20*80 can be custom-made

    •Bias punching board can be custom-made.

  • Model TC300 TC600 TC900 TC1200 TC1500
    Machine length 530mm 890mm 1120mm 1340mm 1550mm
    Machine width 390mm 390mm 390mm 390mm 390mm
    Machine Height 380mm 380mm 380mm 380mm 380mm
    Weight 19kgs 27kgs 36kgs 41kgs 47kgs
    Packing weight 35kgs 50kgs 65kgs 74kgs 80kgs
    Packing Dimension 580x500x480mm 1010x500x480mm 1330x500x480mm 1400x510x480mm 1580x510x480mm

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