OPERATION VEDIO :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7ud2cnCn5M

Automatic Finger Puncher punches both ends of the belt at the same time, eliminating waste. This automatic and pneumatic machine makes finger punching quick and easy. Suitable for prepping finger and finger-over-finger splices for PVC PU belts up to 8mm thick and 3.3m wide.

Preper belts for splicing more efficiently and economically with this incomparable punch!

·  Sturdy sub-frame

·   Automated 8″ cylinder, steel punching head for straight and angled configurations

·  Punching board

·  High-speed steel blades

·  Two pneumatic cylinder clamps to hold belt in place

·    Control panel

·   Up to 100 psi air supply

·   Unattended operation during punching operation

·   Castors for ultimate portability


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