The LODO splice press is an all-in-one solution for splicing thermoplastic conveyor belts (e.g. PVC polyurethane).NO external control box, air pump,or water cooling tank are required。

Quick Joint All-in-one Machine Vulcanizing Press
The Splice Press machine was designed to splice right on site.It’s an air-cooled design,portable press specifically made for PVC/PU conveyor belts.No extra control box,hoses or cooling tanks are required,everything is built right in.Splicing has never been easier and more efficient.With our quick joint cycles you won’t have to wait long for the great results.

The flight case for the machine
LODO Presses are supplied with a flight case for both storage purposes and also for easy transport to on-site jobs

Tool Specifications HOLO300 HOLO600 HOLO900 HOLO1200 HOLO1500 HOLO1800 HOLO2100
Effective length 305 mm 610 mm 914 mm 1219mm 1524mm 1829mm 2160mm
Effective width 130 mm 130 mm 130 mm 130mm 130mm 130mm 130mm
Weight lower part 10 kg 16 kg 20 kg 28.5KG 30KG 32KG 36kg
Weight upper part 11 kg 13 kg 18 kg 25.5KG 30KG 42KG 55kg
Weitht Bumper / / / / / 37kg 43kg
Total weight 21 kg 30 kg 38 kg 54KG 62KG 76KG 134kg
Length 505 mm 805 mm 1105 mm 1405mm 1705mm 2005mm 2360mm
Overall Height 220 mm 225 mm 225 mm 225mm 225mm 225mm 255mm
Overall Width 250mm 250mm 250mm 250mm 250mm 255mm 255mm
Max. pressure 2Bar 2Bar 2 Bar 2bar 2bar 2bar 2bar
Max. temperature 200 ˚C 200 ˚C 200 ˚C 200 ˚C 200 ˚C 200 ˚C 200 ˚C
Dimensionsfor transport (mm) 712 x 352 x280 1012 x 352 x 280 1312 x 352 x 280 1612 x 352 x 280 1912 x 352 x 280 2212*352*300 2567*352*300
Weightfor transport 26 kg 35 kg 43 kg 84KG 96KG 176KG 219KG
Power 1.6KW 2.8KW 4KW 5.2KW 6.4KW 7.6KW 8.8KW

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